Want to hear something that will give you a real scare today? How about the idea that you may unknowingly be causing your attendees to avoid attending your next event – the horror!

Before your attendees start ghosting you, check out what actions you MUST avoid before you scare off your event attendees for good!

  1. Your vendors and/or sponsors are obviously confused on-site due to a lack of communication

  2. You’re hoping that networking will happen “naturally” between your attendees

  3. Your event date conflicts with another popular event in the area

  4. You have a serious lack of event staff on-site

  5. You’re giving away all of your attendee’s personal information to vendors and/or sponsors

  6. You’re exclusively using paper for on-site materials instead of also incorporating mobile

  7. You have a lack of signs or worse, confusing signs

  8. You have no backup in place for last-minute changes

  9. Your food and beverages are running out too quickly

  10. Your venue location is really inconvenient to most of your attendees

  11. You forgot to accommodate for attendees with disabilities

  12. Your event’s temperature is either too hot or too cold

  13. Your event furniture is too uncomfortable for your attendees

Now that you know what NOT to do at your next event, let’s take a look at what works! Check out our guide that covers 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement at any event!