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How to leverage event technology to elevate your next event

What is Event Technology?

Event technology is any kind of software that improves the event process for both event planners, and/or attendees. In the last 10 years, the industry has seen a number of innovative event technology platforms emerge to help event planners set up, promote, and execute an event, as well as leverage attendee data and feedback to improve the process for future events. On the other hand, event attendees have become accustomed to event technology serving as an enhancement to their overall experience. Streamlined registration and scheduling processes, as well as engaging on-site technology all play a hand in making an event that much more memorable and attractive in the minds of attendees. 

Why is Event Technology important to your business?

We know all too well what can happen when trying to plan an event without the proper event technology: simple tools are used in ways they were never intended to be used, precious time is wasted doing manual entry, and a clear understanding of how things should have been done emerges only once the event is over. 

When employing the right event technology, a smaller event planning team can accomplish what would normally require many hands— often in less time.  With so many emerging technologies, it can become time consuming trying to identify the technology that will bring the most value to your next event. So we’ve done the heavy lifting to curate the top trends in event technology so you can remain at the forefront with your next event!

 2020 Event Technology Trends 

 Virtual Event Solutions 

Everything has changed in 2020 – businesses are pivoting strategies, new solutions are emerging for a changing business landscape, and virtual solutions are on the rise. Just because circumstances or culture has shifted doesn’t mean that it comes at the expense of your big event – it creates new opportunity! 

The hottest event technology trend of 2020 is virtual event software – and it’s here to stay. Now that businesses have seen the benefits of hosting a virtual conference, they’re more inclined to do so in the future. While many face-to-face events are being entirely swapped in favor of virtual events, it’s likely that future long-term plans will include hybrid events. This can take many forms such as:

  • Selling out an in-person event first and then overflowing to a virtual solution for attendees
  • Utilizing a virtual event software to include guest speakers who might have otherwise declined due to travel or schedule congestion 
  • Leveraging a virtual pass (for an extra cost) that attendees can use to access recorded panels and seminars weeks after your event ends

The possibilities are endless! Now that businesses and organizations have experienced the power that virtual event technology brings to their major events, few are going back. 

So, what are some of the top virtual event solutions? 

1. ePly

Best For: Single-Session Virtual Events & Webinars

While your event may not be taking place in person anymore, that doesn’t mean there’s no event planning and management to be done beforehand. With ePly’s event management platform, you’ll be able to seamlessly send email invitations, register attendees, Zoom meeting or webinar, and more for your next digital event! If your event is a bit larger, and includes more than one virtual session, connect with an ePly team member to explore our partner virtual event software, MC | LMS. 

Zoom Better

2. MemberClicks

Best For: Multi-Session Virtual Events & On-demand streaming 

For a more advanced multi-session virtual event, MC | LMS platform certainly delivers. This event technology is a learning management system that makes it easy to build a customized digital event site allowing you to host multiple live-streamed zoom sessions throughout the course of a day (or days). Then afterwards, save the footage to the content bank to allow for on-demand streaming (gated & subscription options available) all year around! Offering your event experience both in person and virtually expands your audience and provides the opportunity to continue generating revenue year. If it’s your first time hosting a virtual event, check out this step by step  guide on How to Host a Virtual Conference!

Host Now

3. BigMarker

Best For: Automation

Having trouble getting all the speakers you want for your event? With BigMarker, you can pre-record panels and keynote speeches and schedule them for a future date/time. This gives you the freedom to cut through schedule congestion and easily automate your conference.

However, keep in mind that one of the keys to a successful virtual conference is a hands on approach. This solution is best for highly experienced virtual event technology hosts. 

4. ON24

Best For: User Metrics

In the ever expanding world of data and analytics, capturing user metrics is important now more than ever. By tracking important data, you’ll be able to see what’s working for you (and what isn’t) and improve upon past events to make each year better than the last. 

Looking for resources on how to plan a successful virtual event? Check out our in-depth guide, 6 Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

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Event Technologies for Improved Experience 

Utilizing event technology is one of the most effective tactics in delivering an unforgettable event experience. If your attendees aren’t immersed in the event and “wowed” by how easy and enjoyable it was to attend, you’ll risk losing them to competitors who are providing that element. 

Conference Apps

The easiest and most effective way to provide an immersive experience is by offering your attendees a conference app that makes it fun and easy to actively engage with your event. Most everyone has a smartphone, which makes leveraging an app for real-time push notifications, sponsorship opportunities, and post-event surveys almost a no-brainer for your next large event!

Looking for the best bang-for-your-buck conference attendee app? ePly can help you easily create an app complete with your organization’s branding, colors, and logos!

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Check-in Apps

Leveraging solutions for a better event experience isn’t just for attendees – you deserve event technology that makes your event day just as awesome too! Check-in apps are another popular tech solution that provides your admins a quick and easy way to check attendees in.  Say goodbye to check-in tables with paper lists, – with an event check-in app you’ll be able to add guests in real-time and eliminate entry lines to your event. 

While most organizations charge you for building out this app, ePly offers it completely free when with the use of their event management software platform! 

Simplify Check-In 

In 2020 and beyond, the trends that influence how we plan and execute events will rapidly change. Cutting edge event technology is important now more than ever. We hope these emerging trends help drive your search when considering how to incorporate event technology into your next event! 

Additional Resources for Event Technology

While we’ve covered the most recent trends in event technology here, it’s an in-depth topic that features a variety of tools, strategies, and solutions. Check out these additional resources to get an even better understanding of how you can multiply the value of your next conference!