Handing out swag – or, “stuff we all get” – at events is an easy way to engage attendees and leave a lasting impression. The key, though, is to find an item that’s both useful enough that attendees won’t immediately throw it away, and interesting enough that they’ll talk about it with others.

Now, we know budget is always a constraint – but let’s put money aside for the moment and have some fun! To help you start brainstorming, we put together a list of unique items you could brand and use as swag:

Food and beverage: Help attendees stay fueled all day long!

1. Coffee (Brand the mugs/cups/sleeves)
2. Fruit – yes, branded fruit!
3. Rotate based on time of day – breakfast, snacks, wine, etc.
4. A “build-your-own” bar – sundaes, oatmeal, nachos, etc.
5. Fortune cookies

Refreshment: These are especially great when networking is involved.

6. Gum and/or mints
7. Lip balm
8. Hand lotion and/or sanitizer
9. Makeup touch-up palette
10. Deodorant (I mean…)

Holiday-related: Depending on event timing, these could be really fun!

11. Piñatas
12. Ugly holiday sweaters
13. Tiny pumpkins
14. Floaties for 4th of July pool parties
15. Valentines (Like the kind you exchanged at school.)

Special apparel: Consider the weather and time of year here, too.

16. Shoes or socks
17. Sunglasses
18. Hats – winter or baseball
19. Vests
20. Quarter-zip pullovers

Something for someone else: Give them a gift to bring home to their loved one!

21. Onesies
22. Dog leashes
23. Cat toys
24. Perfume
25. Ties

So yeah, some of these ideas may be out of budget – but the point is sometimes you have to think outside the box to really engage attendees. You never know what you’ll come up with! Speaking of attendee engagement, we have a few thoughts on how to amplify it with more than swag: Download our free guide!