The end goal of presentations? Two words: engaged audience. When we are asked to present, of course, comes the initial fear of well….presenting. What typically comes after that is the fear of keeping your attendees actually engaged

So how do keep them, in fact, engaged? We’ve put together four simple hacks that are bound to take your presentation from good to great in the engagement department. Check it out:

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is the first step to having attendees connect with you as the presenter. Will you be presenting to VPs and CEOs? If so, they are not going to want to hear the same content as the entry-level attendees may want to hear. 

Develop your content strategy way in advance, giving yourself enough time to prep for the audience you will be engaging with. Do your research. Run your presentation by a sample demographic before you get up on the big stage. Knowing your audience will allow you to develop the type of presentation that they will actually want to hear!

Tip: If the event organizer uses an online management system with robust reporting capabilities, they can easily pull attendee data to help you create content that feels like it was created just for them.

2. Ditch the podium

Podiums are a true barrier between you and the audience. Our recommendation: ditch them! By having a podium, it limits you out of comfort. If it’s there, you’ll most likely stick by it. And for the attendees — it’s boring to watch someone stand behind a wooden block. Move around, engage!

3. Tell a Story, Tell YOUR Story

We’ve been told stories our whole lives. We’re storytelling people! So, what better way to start a presentation than by telling one? Or maybe even telling your story if you don’t have a good one to tie to your presentation. Talk about where you’re from, your family, how you made it to becoming the speaker! All information that attendees would love to know before you deliver your presentation. And this will also create a stronger connection with your audience.

4. Incorporate video

Experts say that 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. So with that point stated, why NOT include a video? However, let us guide you in saying that video should be a tool, not a focal point of your presentation. Use it to get a laugh or draw people in to your selling point! Then bring it home with your actual lesson. 

There are many ways to draw your audience in, but we believe these four are a great start. You’ll be well on your way to capturing your audience’s attention in no time. Looking to create a custom event app or more engagement tips? Check out our guide: 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement.


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