Simply put, brand awareness is the level of consumer consciousness of a company. Which, in short, means it’s highly important when it comes to planning an event! You want people to know about your event, after all! 

To boost brand awareness, there are specific ways to be efficient and get your event in front of your target audience. But how do you do it? Check out these 4 strategies that will ultimately get your attendees out from behind their desks and at your event:

Impress New Visitors with an Event Website

You may have a website for your company, but you also need to develop a separate website for your event. Why? You’ll want your messaging about your event to be clear and easy to find. If you just include it on your organization’s website, it may get lost and drive visitors to leave the site. Which is not the goal! 

Your event website will act as a hub for all event updates, social media links, FAQs, etc. And because your website will most likely be the first thing that communicates brand, you’ll want it to be constantly updated and fresh. Creating a good first impression is key!

Incentivized Mailers to Drive Interest

Snail mail. Not everyone does it, but everyone loves getting it. Am I right? A great way to stir interest and create event awareness with your target audience is through a fun mailer that is worth keeping. 

Have you ever thought about stickers? Magnets? These two ideas are an awesome way to keep your event at the top of the receiver’s mind – especially if it’s an item that is pertainable to the person receiving it. Why not do a fun catchy saying or an iconic symbol that people will likely stick on their computer or fridge? It’s all about brand awareness, and this would be a great way to keep your event at the forefront of mind.

Keep Your Attendees Informed through Email Marketing

If your organization has a newsletter that is being sent out to a list of subscribers, then you have a great place to start when it comes to email marketing! The first step to event brand awareness will be to create a section in your newsletter all about the event (and since they’re subscribers already, slipping a promo code for a discount will be even more of a reason to sign up!).

Once registrants are signed up for your event, communication is everything. Keep registrants informed about agendas, hype them up with announcing speakers, and create excitement from the session topics. Email will be a great way to keep them updated and informed.

Create Valuable Content for Social Media

Your social media should align with your event brand and be consistent throughout all platforms. That way whether someone stumbles upon your Facebook or Twitter, they will still get the same details and messaging! A great way to get your post in with the conversations about events happening in your area is to use a hashtag such as #AtlantaEvents. A few fun ideas you could try to promote event awareness is a contest that encourages viewers to tag their friends, or give away a pair of tickets to come to the event. This will drive views AND engagement. 

On top of contests and giveaways, continually creating visually appealing content is going to boost event awareness and ultimately drive them to register.

It’s no walk in the park to boost event awareness. It will take time, effort, and strategy to really drive interest and get people to register for your event. But with these four tactics and determination, you’re bound to hit your goal for registration numbers. 

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