If you’re in the event space, you’ve probably come across or heard the term “swag”. And if you’re the one providing the swag, you probably ask yourself these two questions when planning: “Will the attendees use it?” “Is it budget-friendly?”

Sure, there are the tried-and-true gems such as chargers, koozies, water bottles, etc. (who doesn’t love a good branded water bottle?), but we wanted to come up with 5 unique, fresh swag ideas that can knock your attendee’s socks off. Take a look:

Branded Socks

Speaking of knocking attendees socks off, let us propose the idea of giving away socks.  Branded socks are slowly making a rise in popularity in the event space. The great thing about socks is that they are an item that attendees get excited over. Finally, something they can use AND keep their toes warm! 

A great company that makes customizable socks is Sock Fancy. Customizable socks for an affordable price. 

Custom Laptop Stickers

Almost everyone in 2020 — more specifically in the workforce — use a laptop. So why not give attendees the chance to deck their laptop case out with one of your custom laptop stickers? Stickers add uniqueness and scream personality! Our advice? Create a saying attendees will love or an icon they can each relate with. And if your sticker lands a spot on their laptop? Boom! Brand awareness.

Here at ePly, we use an innovative company called StickerMule for our custom stickers and think you should check them out, too!

Wine Corkscrews/ Bottle Openers

A very practical, yet intriguing item. After a long conference, attendees may want to kick back and relax after an action-packed day. Which means they will most likely be in need of a bottle opener and corkscrew to keep it fresh. Consider adding this item to your swag repertoire! You can even brand them with your brand colors or logo. 

Branded Fruit

Have you ever seen a customizable piece of fruit? Chances are, you probably haven’t. But it’s a real thing and affordable. Introducing Branded Fruit, a promotional website that customizes fruit. Offering fruit at a conference is a great option because not only is it memorable, it’s eco-friendly and it’s a healthy snack!

Tide ToGo Pens

Imagine this: You’re sitting at a coffee shop getting ready to head to your next meeting, and BAM. You spill coffee onto your slacks. You don’t have time to go home and you’re stuck. But you remember the Tide ToGo pen you received from this really awesome vendor at last week’s conference! 

Tide ToGo pens may seem random, but your attendees will most definitely use them (especially on the go event planners). No matter what industry they are in, your attendees (and clothes!) will thank you.

At the end of the day, your swag will be best determined by the market you are catering to. Do you have wine-lovers? Health-conscious attendees? Every event is different and your swag should cater to that. 

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