The size of your event venue can really make or break the entire attendee experience. Those dimensions define exactly what you can use the space for – not to mention, how many people can actually fit in it!

Now with a space that’s too large, you can usually add extra furniture to fill it up or use some kind of divider to “get rid of” square footage. But small spaces? Those get tricky. You want to make sure that your attendees will be comfortable and able to engage.

Luckily, there are ways to make do with a small space, depending on the type of event. Here are some suggestions:

1. Cap Attendance. 

If there’s a cost associated with your event, capping attendance may actually work in your favor. Why? Putting a limit on the number of people who can attend will create a sense of urgency for your audience to buy a ticket! You may even be able to drive that cost higher, depending on demand.

2. Be Strategic With Furniture

The less furniture the better with a small space, but there are some ways to get what you need while being space-conscious. For example, use high-top tables with no chairs if you’ll be serving food. Or, if you’ll have a lounge space, make sure your couches and chairs aren’t too deep.

3. Pass Food and Drink

Bars and buffets take up a lot of space: You may be better off adding a few bodies to the mix to pass food and drink on trays. Check with your F&B provider to see if this is something they can accommodate. (It usually is – and if not, there are tons of services that hire out event staff!)

4. Provide an Item Check

If your event is during the winter, or you know attendees will have large items with them (laptops, luggage, etc.), give them a place to securely store coats and other items for free. That way, you’ll give attendees a little more breathing room in the actual event area and enhance the overall event experience.

5. “Flip” the Room

Sometimes with certain events, you can “flip” the room – or, change the furniture and layout of the space while attendees are elsewhere. Now, this only really works for multi-room events, but it’s a great trick if you can coordinate a quick change-up with your event staff! Just make sure you have an action plan for a smooth transition.

When it comes down to it, handling a small space is all about the attendee experience. Managing their activity and comfort level are equally important! Looking for a custom event app or more tips on creating an amazing attendee experience? Supercharge yours with our free download!