Looking to get a little adventurous with your next event email? Maybe it’s time to incorporate a little A/B testing into your everyday marketing routine!

A/B testing is the process of taking some marketing collateral (email, landing page, invitation, etc) and sending it to two groups: a control group and a variation group. The control group will get the original version and the variation group will get a tweaked version to see if it gathers more or less interest than the original.

Check out these seven tests you should try to bump up interest in your event emails!


  • Bullet points versus paragraph formatting
  • Focusing your content on the left versus right side of your email

Type of Offer

  • Discount or promo code on upcoming event
  • Access to behind-the-scenes content


  • Professional versus casual tone
  • Positive versus negative spin


  • Serif typefaces: Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino and Garamond
  • Sans Serif typefaces: Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma


  • Photographs
  • Illustrations or sketches


  • Cool: Blue, green, and purple | soothing
  • Warm: Orange, yellow, and red | energizing


  • Using limited time offer versus not including one
  • If so, changing the scope of limited time offer

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