Part of creating an amazing event experience are all the little touches you add that go beyond what’s expected. Something that may seem small, but could actually be huge to an attendee, is giving them a secure place to store their personal items.

Think about it: Your attendees would much rather be focused on the content of the event than worried about having to carry things around. And on the flip side, YOU want more engaged attendees!

There are a couple of types of item checks that are pretty standard:

  • A coat check, especially during winter months in cooler climates, is almost expected. But aside from allowing attendees to store their bulky outerwear for the duration of the event, an extra benefit is it gives everyone a whole lot more space to move through the venue.
  • It’s also normal to see a luggage check, especially at multi-day conferences or events that attendees had to travel for. Being able to store luggage at the venue itself could make the difference between spending more time at the event, versus having to run back to their hotel before catching a flight.

A stand out idea? Consider a phone and/or laptop check. Depending on your event, attendees may really want to disconnect! Or, you may want them to disconnect for a certain period. If you make this available, be sure to give attendees a solid reason why they should leave their technology behind for a moment. (Because let’s face it, it may not be obvious…or they may not want to.) And, put their minds at ease by hyping up the security.

It doesn’t have to end there! Think about your attendees and the items they’ll be bringing to your event. If you can help take something off their hands so they can experience your event to its fullest, it’s worth considering a check system for said item.

Now, here are a few tips to consider for executing your item check:

  • Always, always, always make it complimentary.
  • Have I mentioned security? Make sure you put a lot of thought into the location. (Ideally, somewhere that isn’t accessible to just anyone.) If you’ll have a security team onsite, one post should absolutely be at your item check.
  • Speaking of location, put your item check somewhere people will see it. Whether that’s at the main entrance or a high-traffic location, you don’t want attendees to leave and realized they missed the opportunity.
  • Promote the item check ahead of time. Depending on your event, it could make or break someone’s decision to attend. (And definitely promote it in onsite materials, too!)
  • Assign dedicated staff members who will exude customer service and keep the checking system running smoothly. (If it’s a multi-day event, you’ll probably want to have the same staff members there each day.)

Small perks can go a long way for your event experience – and, therefore, event engagement. Looking for more tips on how to make your events more engaging for attendees? Download our free guide!