The thought has probably crossed your mind a few times…“Does my event really need its own website, separate from my organization’s??”

The short answer is yes, absolutely! We get it, though: With everything else you’re managing, adding a website to that list can feel overwhelming. But the benefits are so worth it.

“Benefits, you say?” Of course! There are a lot of reasons why your event NEEDS its own website, but here are four of the biggest:

1. You can house all of your event’s information in one place

When your event’s information is on your organization’s website, it can get easy for the event info to be cannibalized by everything else your organization has to say. You don’t want to compete with YOURSELF!

Plus, with a website solely dedicated to your event, you can really expand on what information you’re providing. If you try to include things like a call for speakers, travel recommendations, testimonials, last year’s content, etc. on your organization’s website, it can get super messy and difficult for visitors to navigate.

2. Your marketing efforts will be kept separate

While your event may exist as a means for marketing your organization, chances are your goals for both are completely different. Therefore, the way your digital marketing systems (SEO, content, advertising, etc.) need to be set up will have to be different! And that’s difficult to accomplish with everything on one website.

Further, two separate websites means you’ll have a more targeted audience for both – and the more targeted your audience, the more likely you are to engage them.

3. It’ll give your event the gravitas it deserves

Your event is a big deal! And giving it a website of its own demonstrates that to potential attendees, your industry, and sponsors (more on them in a second). When it comes to promoting an event, you want to convey the excitement and energy of being on-site through your marketing. That’s a LOT easier to do when you have a separate website because you can divert from your organization’s branding. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to get a little crazy!

4. It looks (and IS) more attractive to sponsors

The sponsors I mentioned? Pointing them to a big, bold event website makes a way bigger splash than sending them to a landing page or two on your organization’s website. They’ll also enjoy some of the same benefits you do – a more targeted audience, stronger branding – which inherently increases the monetary value of their sponsorship…aka, you can justify increasing the cost of your sponsorship packages.

So now that you’re convinced…what next? Time to start researching website providers! And it’s even better if you can work with a provider that’s an expert in events, like ePly. After all, you want to work with people who live and breath events, and know how to create an event website that’ll have an impact. If you’d like to learn more about our event website solution, we’d love to tell you about it! Get in touch-