Are you an agenda, notetaker kind of organizer? The traditional, paper and pen kind of organizer? If so, I am right there in the boat with you. It’s satisfying to write down your tasks and check them off after you complete them. It’s an “Ah, it’s complete!” satisfaction. But…is it the most efficient way to organize?

Here at ePly, we use a multitude of digital tools to stay organized in our office (we are an online event management software, after all) and we’re giving you an inside look at each platform and providing the why’s and how’s to moving to all modern tech:

Google Keep

You likely have lists- personal lists, work lists, grocery lists, vacation lists, etc. The real question is…where do you keep those lists? If you’re a notetaker like me, you know that writing lists are great, but the downfall is that those lists can easily get lost. Drumroll, please…now introducing: Google Keep. What’s great about Google Keep is that it’s a great tool for online organization- for personal and work related items! All accessible through your phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Google Keep allows you to add photos, notes, add in voice memos, and checklists through Google Drive (that’s right, it’s cloud-based). An event planner’s dream!

Here’s a few reasons to consider using Keep:

  • There’s a mobile version- so you can take your lists and notes everywhere you go!
  • You can share your lists with other collaborators
  • Still get that “Ah, it’s complete!” satisfaction with check marks and cross-throughs (yep, you can still cross through even online)
  • Color coordinated checklists
  • Set reminders- great for due dates!


How do you communicate with your team (if you’re on one) or vendors? Most likely, you’re using email to communicate with your team and maybe even your clients! Slack is a communication platform hosted within a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together. This is a huge game-changer for communication and organization around event planning.

Here’s a few pros to Slack:

  • Single place for all communication
  • Private and all-access channels
  • Search for messages and find conversations/files easily
  • Cloud-based platform (your information is evergreen)
  • Keep notes in your own personal channel for organization

It can be intimidating to move towards modern organization. However, both Google Keep and Slack are great tools for keeping your to-do lists handy and communications streamlined. It may be time to take those paper agendas and set them aside for good.

These are both platforms that simplify your day-to-day! Looking for a more robust event management organizational platform?

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