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Effectively increase awareness and attendance of your events while establishing effective communication with attendees.

What is Event Promotion?

Event promotion is a pivotal process throughout all phases of managing your event or conference. Prior to an event, using smart promotional tactics can increase awareness and attendance, while establishing effective communication with attendees.

Once your event has taken place, post-event touchpoints can also be leveraged to share attendee feedback that attracts new audiences and generates growth year after year.

Choosing the right software that delivers relevant tools and features to successfully promote an event is important. Here’s why ePly is your all-in-one event promotion solution:



How to Successfully Promote Your Event with ePly

ePly combines both the tools you need with tons of industry know-how and support to help you successfully execute event promotion at each phase of your event management lifecycle.


For more resources on how to promote your event, check out 4 Steps to Developing Your Event Promotion Plan.

Phase 1: Pre-Event Promotion

When gearing up to promote your event, driving ticket sales is likely a top priority! We make this process simple and effective with several tools that allow you to:

  • Access quick & effective email templates
  • Encourage registration using promo codes & discounts
  • Capture valuable info with save-the-date forms
  • Send personalized invitations to past event attendees
  • Save time and mitigate cancellations with automated waitlists

Although cancellations are inevitable, you can choose how cancelled spots are handled by creating an actionable waitlist to stay 100% sold out. Learn how to use waitlists with ePly.

Just set it and forget it!

Phase 2: Attendee Management

Event promotion doesn’t have to stop because you’ve sold out. You’ve just moved into the next phase of the event planning process! We provide a wide range of attendee management tools that help you nurture your registrants smoothly from registration to event kick-off.

You can effectively promote your event by emailing all attendees, or crafting specific email lists so that attendees aren’t bogged down with announcements that don’t apply to them. Keep the lines of communication open, while keeping their attention!

  • Use filters to send emails to specific groups
  • Prompt action from specific registrants  based on their status
  • Automate confirmation emails

Our robust registrant database allows users to create lists based on registration properties and/or current statuses like outstanding balances. You can even use our sample wording for email notifications to send confirmation emails and show registrants how to pay invoices.

Use ePly’s API to create efficiencies in data sharing and management between software solutions.

  • Generate reports based on specific attendee criteria
  • Schedule mass or segmented emails from reports
  • Download reports and data to .CSV files

If you’re looking for more information on ePly’s API, speak with your ePly contact to determine the right solution for you.

Phase 3: On-Site Experience

Event promotion should continue during your event because it creates opportunities for your attendees to stay engaged with your organization or brand. Rather than attendees passively consuming information at your conference, you can keep them actively engagedin the conversation with a dedicated Conference App.

  • Receive instant feedback with attendee surveys
  • Enable attendees to create personalized itineraries
  • Increase event sponsor visibility through the Conference App
  • Communicate announcements or changes in real-time
  • Display directories of speakers, sponsors, attendees, and more for easy searchability

Designed to integrate with our online event registration system or as a stand-alone application, the conference app is a key opportunity to improve your attendees’ on-site experience while leveraging the most important aspect of event promotion: engagement.

Get the full details and pricing here, including how a Conference App is a game changer for any event.

Phase 4: Post-Event Surveys

Simplify your post-event marketing using optimized surveys with our Conference App to get the most insightful feedback to promote your event year-round!

The quick-build survey tools will help you easily collect feedback from attendees and clearly display data you can use for reports. You’ll gain valuable insights and save time to focus on outlining improvements for next year.

Use our Certificate Generator tool to autofill event certificates and receipts with your attendees’ information! 

  • Generate PDFs for event certificates automatically
  • Send individual files to each attendee
  • Send mass emails with post-event tax receipts with a single click

Keep attendees engaged year-round and turn them into repeat participants!

Our dedicated Conference App gives you everything you need to analyze and report post-event survey findings to your organization, optimize for new marketing campaigns, and gain more sponsors the following year. You can also use your email lists to keep attendees engaged year-round with newsletters, event photo albums, and sneak-peeks for your next event such as speaker announcements and panel topics!

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