Whether your association has 50 or 50,000 members, ePly can make your next event a success. We’ve worked with members of medical, education, and nonprofit associations—including many who are volunteers or have multiple responsibilities beyond event planning.

 Your On-Call Expert

As the person tasked with pulling off a successful event for your association, you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why we make it easy to hit the ground running.

With unlimited one-on-one support, you can walk through the platform with an ePly team member. This registration expert can show you how the technology can work for your association’s event, going over the features that you’ll find most beneficial. You’ll get the direct line of your expert, too, so you can follow up at any time for quick and free training.

Don’t let the obstacles involved with running an association event get you down. Let our experts at ePly help you throughout the process so that you can manage your association’s event without a hitch.

Choose Association Event Registration Software

Association events have a variety of unique traits that require a robust software platform to manage all of them. Given the diversity of professional and personal backgrounds that each association can attract at each event, you’ll want a specialized event registration software that can not only track this information but will also provide your event attendees with a smooth registration experience.

For some associations, events are the only opportunity that members will get to experience everything your organization has to offer. Make sure that this chance isn’t wasted on a faulty registration process. Outsource your efforts to a registration software that can ensure your association event’s attendees can check-in and understand the event without any trouble.

ePly’s customer support and data tracking allow your association to deal with any kind of registration situation, no matter how complex. Whether your association deals with experts and professionals traveling from across the country or whether it’s trying to unite individuals of varying employment status within a single region, ePly’s event registration software can meet your association’s needs.

Tailored to Your Association

Does your association have multiple departments or groups with event registration needs? If so, ePly will create a webpage so members of your association can quickly and easily find information about how your organization uses ePly. Every organization is different, but your webpage can include details on how to start planning an event, your association’s ePly expert, and links to sample forms related to your association.

We’re always updating our software and support services based on our customers’ needs and feedback. If your association is looking for something specific, talk to us. If we don’t already have it, there’s a good chance our team of programmers and registration experts can create a custom solution for your needs.


Association-Event-Registration-Software-2Thank you so much for providing such a reliable and user-friendly service for our conference registration. It was a pleasure to use your system, and I would definitely recommend your service to others.

Robyn Rockwell

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists




Associations Trust ePly

We pride ourselves on customer service—and we’ve got the track record to prove it. Associations trust ePly to make them look good and reflect their professional image. Event planners, or those tasked with event planning, count on us to make planning and managing events seamless.

Over the years, we’ve worked with British Columbia Pharmacy Association, Payne Theological Seminary, Point Reyes Geography of Hope, 2010 Legacies Now, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, American Society of Interior Designers, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, and Co-op Housing Federation of Toronto, to name a few.