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The 7 Top Eventbrite Alternatives For Your Organization

The most recognizable name for a solution isn’t always the best solution. When looking for an Eventbrite alternative, keep in mind that new tools are very important investments, so you owe it to your organization to put in extra thought when choosing the best event planning app.

When enticing people to attend and support your organization’s event, your team needs to plan and execute an amazing event that will keep them talking about their experience and the value they gained by attending. Though you may not have a dedicated event planning guru, you can still impress them with the right event management software platform that will help you take charge and blow this event out of the water!

Eventbrite is a popular event management software platform that can meet the basic needs of certain events. It will help you organize your event with simple software features that allow you to:

But don’t let your organization be held back by a robust software solution. Look for a robust event management software platform that is equipped to satisfy all of your needs. This is particularly important for organizations with unique goals that their events have to meet.

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In this post, we’ll explore the 7 top Eventbrite alternatives that can help your organization take its events to the next level:

  1. ePly
  2. Soapbox Engage
  3. Eventbee
  4. CommunityPass
  5. Ticketbud
  6. Qgiv
  7. ZapEvent

We’ve outlined and defined all of the top software’s unique core features, so you can easily select the best one for you.

Let’s get started.

1. Top Eventbrite Alternative — ePly

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

ePly is a completely configurable software platform for planning events of all shapes and sizes. Why waste your time trying to fit your event into a software tool when you can simply adjust your software to best accommodate your event?

ePly virtual event software platform has several key features, including:

ePly is a strong choice for businesses, associations, and universities. Its features are completely specialized and customizable, so you know that no matter what type of organization you are representing, ePly has tools for you!

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Why ePly Stands Out

A huge part of how people engage with the internet is through their mobile devices and ePly takes full advantage of that with the conference event app.

Our mobile application programming service is completely branded to your organization so your attendees will see it as an effortless extension of your organization’s existing web presence.

ePly’s mobile application will:

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2. Top Eventbrite Alternative — Soapbox Engage

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

Soapbox Engage offers Salesforce-integrated solutions for nonprofit fundraising and advocacy applications. This Eventbrite competitor is capable of a wide range of event management tasks as it allows you to:

This software platform gives you so much freedom in how you manage your events. Not only can you create an unlimited number of events, but you can also personalize your ticketing options and payment processing preferences.

Small-to-mid-sized nonprofits will find that this software platform is best suited for their particular events and fundraising needs, especially if they’re already using Salesforce.

Why Soapbox Engage Stands Out

Soapbox Engage is so valuable, in part, because it is a comprehensive suite of Salesforce apps. This means all of your event registration data will be processed and directly synced to Salesforce.

Say goodbye to countless hours spent on tedious administrative duties as you manually transfer your data from one system to another and welcome in a new era of seamless, instantaneous data integration.

Use this software to build up your Salesforce toolkit! You will be able to connect it with all of your Salesforce apps so your organization can run smoothly. This not only benefits your event management team, but the rest of your operations as well.

Learn more about Soapbox Engage by visiting their website!

3. Top Eventbrite Alternative — Eventbee

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

Perfect for events of all sizes, from small parties to enormous conferences, Eventbee is capable helping your events run smoothly.

Eventbee has features, such as:

From the moment you create your event, Eventbee has features that will help you best plan, manage, and execute your event. Your organization needs software that has a robust set of tools to carry you all the way to the finish line with any event.

Why Eventbee Stands Out

This Eventbrite competitor has flat fee ticketing. There is absolutely no percentage fee for ticket sales so you don’t have to pay more for hosting a successful event.

Many event registration and event management software solutions will charge you a standard price for every ticket you sell, but they won’t stop there. They will charge you an additional percentage fee of your total earning—this means less money for you!

Eventbee only charges you per ticket sold and does not have any hidden percentage fees. Adopt Eventbee for your organization’s next event and save on ticketing fees! 

Check out the Eventbee website to learn more!

4. Top Eventbrite Alternative — CommunityPass

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

CommunityPass is an online registration and management software that appeals specifically to recreation centers, sports leagues, and schools. This platform offers a way by which to centralize all of your community’s events and programs, effectively providing your community easy access to all types of events.

CommunityPass offers a wide range of tools, including:

CommunityPass offers highly specialized features. If you are a school administrator, league manager, or community center leader, you would be unwise to look elsewhere for your registration and event management needs.

Why CommunityPass Stands Out

With building up communities as one of the key goals of CommunityPass’ mission, this software platform is exemplary because of the invaluable support it provides to communities. Its complete scalability enables your community to tailor how they want to incorporate software into their operations.

With software like CommunityPass, you will never have to purchase tools that are of no use to you or your community members. You can simply pay for what you need at the moment. Don’t worry, though, you can always scale up your software utilization as your community’s needs grow!

Visit CommunityPass’s website for more information!

5. Top Eventbrite Alternative — TicketBud

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

Ticketbud is a strong competitor of Eventbrite because of its comprehensive offerings and extreme convenience for users.

This software comes equipped with:

Ticketbud helps you create the ultimate ticketing experience with their suite of tools that provide everything you need to sell your event’s tickets effortlessly.

Why Ticketbud Stands Out

Too many of the average event planning software platforms, like Eventbrite, make you wait until your event is over to collect your revenue from ticket sales. With Ticketbud, you never have to wait again!

Ticketbud allows you to receive daily payouts for ticket sales. This demonstrates not only their ease of use for every organization that adopts this software, but is also a clear representation of the way in which Ticketbud values the user’s needs above all else.

To further this point, they also offer customer service support via phone or live chat. If you choose to adopt Ticketbud, you can rest assured that you will be set up nicely to engage with your event software in an easy and efficient way!

Check out Ticketbud by visiting their website!

6. Top Eventbrite Alternative — Qgiv

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

Qgiv is perfect for small to mid-sized nonprofits focusing on planning and hosting more effective fundraising events. Their platform is highly configurable so you know you will be equipped with all the tools you need to succeed, without the ones that will only weigh you down.

Qgiv provides an extensive set of tools, including:

However, the benefits of using Qgiv do not end there. They also integrate with a large number of other software platforms so if there is something your organization needs but is not directly addressed by Qgiv’s offerings, they likely integrate with a provider that will have what you need.

Why Qgiv Stands Out

Qgiv offers certain tools that will excite you, your donors, and event attendees. Qgiv’s gamification tools will help you set and promote your goals while exciting supporters to contribute. If your organization is exploring crowdfunding as the best option for your organization’s fundraising technique, this is the perfect platform for you.

You can even prominently display your fundraising thermometer on a screen at a fundraising event so your event attendees can see the funds being raised.

Additionally, the Qgiv “Gift Assist” tool will enable your supporters to offset the cost of payment processing by adding a small fee to their donation. This will not only assure them that their entire donation is going toward your cause, but it will help your organization reach its goal more quickly.

For more information, visit the Qgiv website!

7. Top Eventbrite Alternative — ZapEvent

Overview of This Eventbrite Competitor

ZapEvent makes online registration simple for the event’s coordinators as well as its attendees. This software can also accommodate organizations of all sizes and events of all kinds.

This platform allows you to:

This platform’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage all of your event data without having to wrestle with difficult and unfamiliar technology.

Why ZapEvent Stands Out

ZapEvent has strong communication and marketing capabilities that will help your organization promote your event. Their software platform helps you communicate with past and current supporters and attendees so that you can build and maintain strong relationships.  

When you adopt this Eventbrite competitor for your event planning needs, you will never have to worry about keeping track of your event attendees or finding ways to keep in touch with them after the event is over. 

Check out the ZapEvent website to learn more!

Why should your organization settle for a basic event management software platform when there are so many alternatives? When you’re considering planning an event, make sure you take a look at these top Eventbrite alternatives so you can be best equipped to host your event.

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