Event planners dedicate their work and lives to planning other people’s dream events. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to treat them to something they’d actually love and use. Not sure where to start when it comes to buying those gifts? Consider these gift ideas as easy Amazon finds:

Label Maker

Cost: $31.95

Event planners. Their life is organization. They have a lot of details to juggle, after all! Drawers, calendars, file cabinets. All of their essential organization items need labels for better efficiency throughout the day. This Brother P-Touch Label Maker would make a great gift for any event planner!

USB & Multiple Adapter Charging Station

Cost: $22.98

When it comes to event day, event planners know that their phones, tablets, iPads, computers, and electronics must be charged to last for hours on end. Instead of having to charge single items over a course of multiple days, gift them with a Dual Quick Charging Wall Mount. This item would be sure to ease one less stressor days before the event!

iPhone Battery Case

Cost: $69.75

Another great gift to think about is an iPhone Charging Case. Why would they love this? Event planning is time consuming, and not to mention – they’re out and about meeting with vendors and clients almost every workday! Their phone is an essential item to keeping communication and organization top priority, so an iPhone charging case would be a must in their line of work. 

Ring Light for Social Media

Cost: $30.79

Social media! A huge outlet for marketing services – especially when it comes to event planning. It drives client interest and keeps online engagement high. But, we all know to have a professional social media presence, event planners will need a Ring Light to host Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. It gives them a professional glow! 


Cost: $35.00

This one is a no brainer. ALL event planners need a planner, and not just any planner! They need one that is heavily detailed and built out. The company Poluma does a great job at structuring Weekly Appointment Planners that outline heavy to-do’s and goals. A great purchase for someone always on the go and meeting with people!

Reusable water/coffee cup

Cost: $34.95

Meetings, planning, repeat. Meetings, planning, repeat. The daily life of an event planner. With all of the running around they do, a must is staying hydrated and caffeinated! Check out this Hydroflask. This product keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. If you don’t have it in your Amazon cart now, then you better get it in there!

So, there you have it – 6 best Amazon gifts for event planners. They really do put it a lot of hard work for other people about 90% of their life, so if you know one, it’s time to treat them to something they’d actually use.

Maybe you’re reading this and an event planner yourself! If so, we have a great tool for you when it comes to planning any conference or event or you can check out our guide: Your 2019 Conference Survival Guide below.


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