What can stimulate an eight second attention span? That’s the question you’re really going to have to ask yourself if you want to bring Generation Z to your next event. Speaking as one myself, I know we are a tough crowd to please. Between personal insight and some industry research, I’ve compiled three main tips that give you a little glance into the minds of Gen Z.

1.    We Crave “Share-Worthy” Media and Information

This may be obvious as you can look around and pretty much see any 15 to 25-year-old consumed with their phone. Take advantage of this and include something so “share-worthy” at your next event that we won’t want miss out. Some suggestions include:

  • Industry Leaders: A big name or big company presence will always attract people. A survey of Gen Zers actually rated “the who” of the event as the most important aspect when considering an event, even in front of having WiFi (shock!).

  • Location: Unique and trendy is in. We would much rather spend our money going to a vintage warehouse or a cool museum than the same hotels or conference centers every time. We’re not just there to listen, we’re there for the whole environment. And the pictures (we are sure to post) definitely help for promotion!

  • Internet Connection: How else are we going to share? Including free WiFi allows us to socially document all aspects of the event. It’s great marketing for you and stimulation for us — a real win-win!

2.     We Don’t Just Want to Watch, We Want to Be a Part Of It

No one enjoys being lectured…so change it up! Flip the lecture-style upside down and have us teach you. Yes, we still go to conferences and events to educate ourselves and learn new things, but we also want to interact and be heard. You could try:

  • Live-Tweeting: Ask questions pertaining to their session and ask us to live-tweet answers. This keeps us refreshed and involved in the topic. Consider displaying some of the best answers on a screen for everyone to see and maybe even create a cool hashtag for the event.
  • Contests: Who doesn’t love free things? Instead of spending your money on a lot of little swag to give away (remember social media needs to be your marketing strategy), buy a few awesome t-shirts and encourage participation in order to win them. Try an instagram contest where the “best selfie” from each session wins a t-shirt. This tactic will foster networking and get our creative juices flowing.

3.    We Thrive in Low Pressure, High Output Environments

While we may love social media (a little too much), we still value quality networking. The key is to lean towards a casual atmosphere without going overboard. Looking good still breeds confidence, but a casual atmosphere for networking, like a trendy bar or restaurant, makes connections more natural for us. We would rather gather around a nice couch with a drink in our hand and talk, than stand in a chilly conference hall with just a name tag.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and attract more Gen Z’s to your event? Check out some additional tips in our complete guide on event promotion or our  9 Steps to Event Planning Guide below!