Part of trying to decide on pricing for your virtual event is first determining exactly what attendees will get out of joining. The value of the event plays a huge role in how much attendance is worth!

And not only that, understanding how to build a strong virtual event value proposition will keep your team aligned during the planning phases and encourage more attendee engagement.

But how, exactly, do you do you do that? Here are four tips:

    1. Gather your key stakeholders. This should be anyone directly involved in planning the event, as well as representatives from involved departments across the organization. You’ll want everyone’s perspective to truly dig into your audience’s needs!
    2. Survey your audience. Look to the source, right? Even if you have a general idea of the kind of content that your virtual event will include, gaining audience insight will only make that content stronger.
    3. Zero in on the value of virtual. Really, though! There is a TON of value in a virtual experience. No travel costs, flexibility throughout the day — some attendees may even feel more comfortable engaging in a virtual environment. (Hello, fellow introverts!)

      Even beyond the day of the event, a virtual event platform is something you can provide continued, on-demand access to. That means more value for attendees, sponsors, people who weren’t able to attend live…and YOU!

    4. Synthesize it. You should be able to put the value of attending your virtual event into a short paragraph — 4 to 5 sentences MAX. You’ll want to use that statement, and other ways of saying it, in all of your event marketing.

One final tip: be patient. Developing a strong value proposition takes time but it’s worth it. Consider it your virtual event’s mission statement — the one thing that all event planning decisions will come back to. Having that North Star makes decisions easier, and the overall experience stronger.

Honing in your value proposition is just ONE important event planning step. For more event planning tips, check out our free guide, 6 Steps to Virtual Event Planning.