As we approach 2020, we as humans are busier than ever. We live in a world that is constantly going and it can be easy to forfeit our health + wellness all around. 

The great thing about the generation that we live in, is that we are aware of the importance of mental and physical wellness due to the increasing expectations of always staying “busy”. As we adapt to busy schedules by having to designate wellness times, so should your conference. Check out these three ideas: 

Organized Workouts

Conferences are packed full of sessions, breakouts, and networking. It can be days of constantly learning and socializing – which in the end can be exhausting! A great way to divvy up the constant mental strain is an organized workout. Is your conference near a park? Bring in a local trainer or yoga instructor to lead the workout. Near a pool center? Offer water aerobics led by a specialized instructor! Don’t have much of anything around? Organize a group run before the day of sessions begins. There is bound to be someone from your company that loves running – it’s their time to shine! 

BYO (Build Your Own) Water Station + Healthy Snack Bar

Hydrate, refuel, repeat! Hopefully these three things are already important to you as you begin to plan your conference. BUT, if you’re needing a few wellness station ideas, we’ve got just the idea for you. A fun way to emphasize the importance of hydrating and refueling is a BYO water station and snack bar. The water station could possibly have different fruit jars, where attendees are able to build their own fruit-infused water. Sweet, huh? (See what we did there? Fruit – sweet…okay, okay. You get it.) This would be a great way to play off of attendee’s creativity as well as provide a healthy refreshment. On top of the water station, consider adding a healthy snack bar. This could be stocked full of trail mix, fruits, hummus and carrots, etc…..all good for you and always good brain food during a full day of soaking in information!

“Recharge” Station

This one is heavy on the wellness part. Have you ever thought of a recharge station? This can be literal or rhetorical. Most people just need to “recharge” after a lot of social stimulation, especially the introverts. And 75% of the attendees will need to physically recharge their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. By providing a recharge station, this will promote mind-wellness and also provide a place to relax. This area should have plenty of comfortable seating, a plethora of charging ports, and space to simply just “recharge”. Your attendees will love you for it, and so will their mental health.

It takes a lot of nurturing to get people to actually register for your event. With these three implementations and promotions of your wellness-centered conference, it could turn your prospects into registered attendees. Health conscious perks = higher registration numbers.

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