Pricing as flexible and convenient as the solutions we offer

There are plenty of unknowns when it comes to event planning. The cost of your event management software shouldn’t be one of them.

ePly clients pay one fixed price based on:


The expected number of event registrants


The ePly products used to host a successful event

We will quote a fixed price for your event based on these two factors.

Contact us for a quote, but the following is designed to provide you with a range of pricing that you can expect.

Core ePly Solution Marketing Website Conference App
Purpose One powerful, flexible and reliable solution to make registration, payment, attendance and reporting a breeze. Generate interest in your events and provide prospective attendees with the information they need for you to increase registration. Put your entire event in the palm of your attendees’ hands, creating a guided experience for them while creating peace of mind for you. ePly has all the event planning tools and technology that alleviate the administrative stress of organizing in-person or hybrid events, while creating world-class experiences for attendees.
Price Range $800 - $20,000 annually $500 - $800 per site, annually $1,898 - $26,250 per app, annually

Frequently Asked Questions

You provide a range of pricing, but how do I know how much it will cost to use ePly Reg for my event?

Contact us for a quote. First, we’ll assess your needs to make sure you get the solutions you need. Then, we’ll provide you a price based on your event’s expected registrants and the products you plan to use.

Will each of ePly Reg’s products cost me more for each event that I hold?

Not necessarily. ePly Reg’s core solution pricing is fixed based on your expected number of attendees and we charge a fixed price for ePly Reg’s website and conference app for each event.

Does ePly offer a free solution?

No, because we customize ePly Reg to your event including branding, registration form building, discount codes, payment options, and more. Plus, your price includes ePly Reg’s unlimited personal client support leading up to and during your event should you need it. You’ll find ePly Reg far more valuable and affordable than most other event management software solutions on the market today.

What do I do next?

Contact us for a quick and easy assessment of your needs, and we will provide a simple quote that you can work with. That way, you can focus on planning a memorable event, not worrying about if you chose the right event management software provider or not.

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