Diversity can be a sensitive subject! We’re here to address it and offer tips on how to incorporate diversity in all aspects of your next event. It’s an important piece that shouldn’t be looked over. Check out some tips:

Promoting Diversity through Meals and Entertainment

To start, meals and entertainment are a great way to tie in different cultures! By highlighting individual cultures throughout food, music, video and speakers on stage, inclusivity and diversity will be at the top-of-mind and create a dynamic that is comfortable for everyone. Put yourself in the attendees shoes…would you be comfortable attending your own event? At the end of the day, comfort could really drive or deter registrations. Be thoughtful when planning those aspects of the event!

Wheelchair Access and Accessible Floors

Before securing event space, a great question to have answered is: Will the space be able to accommodate wheelchairs or have a backup option to stairs? It’s very possible, depending on the demographics of your attendees, that you’ll have a few people who require a wheelchair ramp, elevators, etc. 

If alternative options aren’t available, you can really be leaving them on the sidelines and in the end, feeling uncared for. And you don’t want that to happen! Ensure with the event manager that there are options when it comes to floor and guest room access. 

Nursing Rooms/Private Areas

You can’t forget the moms in the crowd! Moms have needs, too. Before securing a venue, make sure they have private rooms that are available for the moms on your attendee list! Small detail, but something that is a must. And if they don’t, consider your other options.

Speaker Diversity in Age, Gender, and Race

When selecting speakers, of course, you want all attendees to feel connected and be able to relate to the speakers you bring into your event. Incorporating diversity within your speaker lineup will ultimately drive registration numbers, so it’s important! 

To consider: 

  • A mix of generational speakers: Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation Z, etc
  • Speakers with different ethnicities and backgrounds
  • A mix of males and females speakers

Diversity is important. It helps bring in different viewpoints and will make your overall content and event, even better! Looking for more event tips? Check out our event promotion guide or check out our guide: 9 Steps to Event Planning.


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