1. Will my ePly Reg contract change, given the new legal entity name?
    1. We are introducing new Terms of Use that appropriately reflect the change from ePly Services, Inc. to Wild Apricot Inc. These new Terms of Use will take effect when you renew your relationship with us and will be posted online and, along with your renewal Order Form, will constitute the updated Agreement between your organization and ours. You can find the new Terms of Use, our privacy policy and anti-spam policy in the ePly Legal Center on our website. 
  2. Will I need to set up Wild Apricot Inc. as a new vendor? 
    1. You will need to speak to your Finance team about whether to set up Wild Apricot Inc. as a new vendor in your vendor management system or simply adjust the vendor account that you have set up today. 
  3. When will these changes go into effect? 
    1. The new payment address takes effect January 1, 2022.  The new Terms of Use will take effect upon renewal of your Agreement. 
  4. What is the relationship between Personify and WildApricot? 
    1. Personify is the parent company of WildApricot and ePly. You will continue to receive the same product and service that you did before the legal entity name changed. 
  5. Why did the name change from ePly Services, Inc. to Wild Apricot Inc? 
    1. Following the merger of MemberClicks, LLC and ePly Services, Inc. with Personify, Inc., we performed a review of our corporate structure and made the decision to consolidate ePly Services, Inc. with another one of Personify’s Canadian subsidiaries, Wild Apricot Inc. 
  6. Does this change how much I pay for ePly Reg?  
    1. No, our pricing will not change. 
  7. Is your server still in Canada? 
    1. Yes, our servers have not moved as a result of these changes. 
  8. Who do I contact if I have further questions? 
    1. If you have questions related to accounting, please email accounting@eply.com For any other questions, you can contact Julia Hawkins at jhawkins@personifycorp.com