Have you ever come across the perfect event space in terms of location and ambiance to only realize that it’s just not the right size for your event? Well, you’re not alone! To alleviate this concern, it’s become more and more popular to rent out spaces that can be split up for multiple events.

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at our pros and cons to see whether or not you should try out renting a shared event space for your next event!

The Pros

  • Save money
    Well, yeah! The primary reason that event planners go for shared spaces is the fact it will save them some serious money. It’s something to consider if your budget is feeling a little tight or just if you want to have a little extra money to spend on another aspect.
  • Rent in a better location
    By saving some extra funds via sharing an event space, this means that you’ll also gain some additional flexibility when it comes to spending funds for more trendy locations. Translation please? A location that may be more appealing to your potential attendees!
  • Expand your audience
    When you share a space with another event, your brand will be getting at least double the exposure on-site. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your interests will align with the other events attendees, you never who in the audience might reach out or at least start following you on social media.
  • Get exposure to new ideas
    One of our favorite reasons to share event space is that it’ll give you the chance to see some event engagement ideas from other planners. This observation will allow you to see in real time what works and what doesn’t work for various types of events. Who doesn’t love to see some creativity in action?

The Cons

  • Confusing borders between events
    One of the biggest issues that planners have with sharing space is that their attendees can sometimes get confused on where each event border starts and ends. You can try to clear this up by having dividers as well as signage between events; however, that doesn’t mean your attendees are going to notice.
  • Unexpected guests
    When a location isn’t dedicated to just one event, this means that the chances of having unexpected guests greatly increases. Why? Because most attendees and staff will just assume that whoever doesn’t belong on their side just got confused and belongs to yours. Our best tip is to try and have a dedicated staff or volunteer member watching out for any unexpected party crashers.
  • Overcrowding
    Depending on the flow of the space as well as the setup of the independent events, there is a chance that your event could start to feel a little crowded. We recommend talking to the venue manager before booking any locations to see how they deal with packed out events.
  • Shared space means shared noise
    Imagine having a room full of excited, energetic people all engaging over your event. Great! But now envision that happening in several other events in the same space at the same time. Yikes! Sound travels and this means you could have some real noise traffic on your hands. Once again, we recommend talking with the venue manager to see their best plan of action before booking.

When it comes to planning an event, you OBVIOUSLY want people to attend, especially considering how much time and money you’re putting into it. Check out our free guide, Event Marketing: Promotional Tactics to Amplify Attendance!, to see how you can help pump up attendance at your next event.