Planning events is never easy. It’s especially not easy when you have 400 attendees and you’re trying to check them all in via printed Excel sheets.

That’s why for Jacqueline Stillman, Support Services Officer at Mohawk College’s Office of the President and Special Events, utilizing ePly was a breath of fresh air. “The check-in process is definitely streamlined now,” said Stillman. “You can pull registration reports and check-in reports in real-time, which not only speeds up the check-in process, but allows you to make onsite decisions accordingly.”

Take VIP management for example. With the ePly system, Stillman and her colleagues can easily see who has arrived and who hasn’t. The importance of this? They can control the timing of the event to ensure all key people are there. If a VIP hasn’t shown up, they can delay the start of the event, or otherwise adjust the agenda if needed.

The check-in process isn’t the only operational procedure ePly has helped streamline. The reporting process is much easier now, too. “Rather than each department having to pull their own reports, I’m able to pull them all, which saves time across the board.”

The flexibility of the system has worked great for a college that hosts such a wide variety of events. “The functionality works so well because you can cater it to what you want it to be.”

In fact, because the system is so flexible and easy to use, other departments have now started using ePly. “There’s a high demand for it here!”

Stillman and her colleagues – and other departments at Mohawk College – plan to use ePly for many events (of all types!) moving forward.