When it comes to creating a fun atmosphere at your event, it’s usually the little details that end up delighting your attendees. So let’s take a look at something traditionally pretty basic: event badge ribbons!

You may always have the run-of-the-mill ribbons, but creating more unique ribbons will help break the ice between even the most introverted of attendees. Let’s take a look at ten classic badge ribbons versus our favorite badge ribbons below!

The Classic Event Badge Ribbons

  1. Attendee
  2. Exhibitor
  3. Volunteer
  4. Staff
  5. Speaker
  6. Sponsor
  7. Partner
  8. Press
  9. Committee Member
  10. Board Member

Our Favorite Event Badge Ribbons

  1. Plays Well with Others
  2. Been There Done That
  3. Big Cheese
  4. Worker Bee
  5. I Color Outside the Lines
  6. I Brake For Coffee
  7. Glass Half Full
  8. Official Something
  9. Photobomber
  10. Smarty Pants

You likely spend a lot of time (and money) planning your events. So naturally, you want them to be successful! You want your attendees to have a great time, and hopefully, come back for more events in the future. Check out our special report, 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement, to learn more tips. Want to learn more about online event registration?