Dealing with security is one aspect of event planning that everyone MUST be doing. But between us: do you think you’re doing enough? Ultimately, you are responsible for your attendees experience and that means safety too.

If you’re unsure on where to start taking charge, that’s okay! Check out these seven security tips that you should consider implementing for your next event.

  • Hiring a Trained Security Staff

Believe us, you’ll save yourself a headache if you allocate some of your budget to hiring an educated security staff and leave the serious stuff to the professionals.

  • Establishing a Chain of Command

By knowing exactly who should be contacted for an emergency, it will assist in controlling the size of the emergency and ensure that your staff is helping, not hindering.

  • Check Your Venue for an Action Plan

Before you try to create a whole emergency action plan from scratch, reach out to your venue to see if they already have one in place that correlates with their layout.

  • Define Clear Communication Channels

In times of crisis, the last thing you’re going to want to consider is how to best reach the rest of your staff or security. We recommend having a security sheet of contact numbers that is provided to all staff, volunteers, and security involved.

  • Screen IDs of all Attendees

While this may be overkill for some events depending on size, screening your attendees by checking their IDs will help alleviate some concerns on making sure the correct audience is in attendance.

  • Have a Dedicated First-Aid Area

It’s really just that simple. Make sure that you provide a specific a first-aid space with at least two trained medical professionals and that you publicize it to your attendees.

  • Use Crowd Dividers

Sometimes you have to make use of your event space in unique ways to control your crowd flow. Try using fencing in busy areas to help divide dense crowds and create a more manageable environment.

Planning an event, especially a big one, can seem like a daunting task. There are a million things to do and, if you’re like most organizations, very few people to help. But don’t worry! We’ve broken down how to be successful in the event planning process in our guide, 9 Steps to Event Planning Success.