There’s a lot to juggle with event planning and sometimes, you just need a refresher. So we have asked a few fellow event planners — what are some of your MUST-KNOW tips and hacks for planning events?

Check them out:

1. Look at the entire 360 degree experience

Take the time to meticulously plan out every touchpoint that your organization has with attendees — from the moment they register for the event to the event itself to post-event communications. Every interaction matters and has an impact on the overall experience that you create.

2. Don’t fear the negotiation process

When you’re planning an event, there are many things that you will have to negotiate, like food and beverage and even audio/visual services. When you’re engaged in this process, don’t be afraid to push back a bit — there’s always wiggle room and it could save your organization a chunk of change.

3. Adequately prepare your staff and assign specific responsibilities

If everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do during the event, it will give you the utmost confidence in the execution of logistics and alleviate a ton of stress — for you, your staff, and your attendees!

4. Treat your sponsors like gold

They are paying to be there and this is a relationship that should be nurtured from the moment they sign the dotted line. Make sure to collect their feedback after the event so you can get an idea of how much value you were able to deliver, address any concerns, and continuously make event sponsorship an exceptional experience that organizations and vendors want to be a part of.

5. Actively track your budget

Numbers aren’t always fun, but if you are keeping track of your expenses as you incur them, you have the power to control where you’re spending money and ensure that you are staying on track. Many planners recommend creating both a “projected” and an “actual” budget to keep you in line at all times!

Now these are just a few tips for event planning. If you’re just getting started on event planning and are looking for more tips from the pros, download our free guide, Event Planning for Non-Event Professionals, below!