Are you a vendor that works with Event Planners day-in and day-out? Curious to know what Event Planners are actually interested in when working with you, as the vendor?

Event Planners are strategic. They are knowledgeable. They crave excellence. So, how can you be a better vendor that caters to Event Planner’s needs? Check it out:

Excellent Communication

In the world of event planning, communication is a key element to ensure an event’s success. And even more important,ensuring your Event Planner’s happiness throughout the process (their happiness will keep them coming back, after all). What I can tell you from my own experience of planning events, is that the most frustrating part of planning an event is the lack of communication from a venue coordinator. Now…it’s not all venue coordinators who do this, but what I’ve found with communication is that 75% of the time it is severely lacking.

Good communication is like a shooting star. Rare but precious. The venue is one of the most important aspects to an event, and the communication efforts should be right on up there. 

Transparent in Costs

Events are most-often big. Big events are expensive. Expensive events require money. Yep—the key word in this is money. Events = money. 

What all decisions boil down to is budget. Is there enough money for entertainment? Is there enough money for X amount of dinner plates? Can the event’s budget afford it? The key to working with Event Planners is to be completely transparent in cost. When you’re initially quoting them for your services, include the taxes, extra fees, travel costs, etc. No one wants to be deceived by a false number, especially after the event is over.

Detail-Oriented and Suggestive

I recently went on a venue tour for our company holiday party, which was quite lovely. The events manager was on top of her game — she was offering different ideas such as a coat rack for our employees, since it would be mid-winter at the time of our event. She was taking detailed notes on everything my colleague and I were discussing. She suggested having designated drinks at the bar with our company logo on the drink koozies. Now THAT’s the kind of venue manager I want to work with. She was enjoyable, detail-oriented, and suggestive of ideas. We will definitely be back!

If you’re in the event space as a vendor, and are looking to win your client (the Event Planner) over, my recommendation would be to do your research beforehand. Show them how invested you are in the success of their event. Sometimes, all it takes is going the extra mile to really win them over and ultimately score their business.


Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of working with Event Planners is flexibility. Not all events are the same, and sometimes shifting the way your business “always does things” to fit their event is a must. Unless, of course, they are asking you to completely change your business model …don’t do that. New planners come with new experiences. Be open minded and willing to have a little wiggle room. 

There are a lot of details that go into planning an event, so being a wonderful vendor is a must. A vendor who is communicative, detailed, flexible, and transparent is the type of vendor who will be selected year after year. 

Vendors aren’t the only thing that go into planning a successful event! Interested in an event planning software or some other event tips? Check out our guide: Event Marketing: Promotional Tactics to Amplify Attendance.


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