We’re willing to bet that you’ve noticed a difference in driving event attendance over the last few years. Online event registration systems, social media, and other advances in technology have really changed the game!

When used wisely, these platforms can also give you a big leg up in the event space. Using a robust online registration solution, modern event website, and personalized event app can all make a huge difference in driving and engaging attendees – especially when they work together! A few thoughts on why:

You’ll engage them throughout the entire attendee journey

Making an impact nowadays means having a presence with your audience every step of the way (promotion, registration, on-site, etc.), multiple times in each step. This won’t be overbearing or annoying if they can engage with you in a few different touch points!

For example, once an attendee has registered and is preparing to attend your event, they’ll:

  • Receive email reminders from your online event registration platform

  • Start planning their personal itinerary on your mobile event app

  • Visit your event website for last minute FAQs and travel recommendations

This kind of engagement will also help you stay top of mind when the decision to attend again – or pass – comes around.

You’ll cut down on headaches

Think of it this way: Your event website is home base. It houses all of the important information about your event, plus things that’ll make it more enticing for your audience to register. (Pictures and videos from last year, testimonials from previous attendees – things like that.)

It’ll also house your registration form, powered by your online event registration platform. Having a website that’s designed to generate interest will naturally drive more people straight to that form – and then, using the attendee data it’s gathered, this platform will (theoretically, if it’s a robust solution) process payments, send confirmation emails, create event performance reports, and more.

And, plugged into your event app, it’ll automatically add new registrants to your event roster. Then registrants will be able to easily login and find all of the event’s information at their fingertips.

Now imagine doing all of that with systems that don’t talk to each other. No, thanks!

Your branding will remain consistent

Assuming your solutions all come from the same technology provider, it’ll be easy to keep your branding consistent across all platforms – and that’s key! Not only does it look more professional, but it’s more reassuring for attendees. Seeing the same colors, messaging, and images will give them peace of mind knowing that they’ve found the right website or downloaded the right app – and therefore, are going to have a good experience.

Ok, ok – we’re not being too subtle here. ePly offers all three of these solutions (an online event registration platform, an event app, and an event website) that can all be bundled into an affordable rate! Give the registration platform a try for free, or contact us to learn about how your event can be all-in-one!